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How to Scent-Style Your Home

Scent is a powerful thing, which is why a good candle has the ability to transform an entire room—for better or for worse. In selecting candles for the Shop, I opted for my favorite line of affordable, but high-quality candles, Maison Louis Marie. I like to layer the scents—burning a vibrant lemon and lilac in the kitchen, and warming sandalwood in the living room, for a more sophisticated effect.

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For the Living Room

My parents' home in Northern California smells like pine and the ocean, so I've always gravitated towards earthy scents in the living room and entryway. This candle has warming top notes of sandalwood and cedarwood that smell like home.

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For the Kitchen

When cooking, you want something pretty and fresh that won't overpower whatever you're making. The lilac, cumin, and gardenia in this candle mimics the feel of windows that overlook a garden—even if your view is far from floral.

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For the Bedroom

The calming scent of lavendar is popular in the bedroom. I like to mix it up a bit with something sweet but soothing, like this candle which has grapefruit top notes grounded by black pepper.

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For the Bathroom

This candle has a sexy, slightly spicy base of amber musk, which lends a nice touch to an evening bath, but the top notes of lemon, beach grass, and summer herbs make it perfectly appropriate for a guest or half bathroom.

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