emily schuman's morning routine in the eberjey PJ

How Our Founder, Emily Schuman, Does Saturday Mornings

"Mornings are far from romantic once you've had a kid. Instead of sleeping in and hitting 'snooze,' the priority becomes getting a toddler fed, dressed, and ready for school, which is why it's worth going the extra effort to make weekend mornings feel all the more special—starting with what you wake up in."

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You Are What You Wear

"I've long been aware of how a great set of pajamas can instantly make a night in feel that much more cozy, but the same applies to mornings. Waking up in my favorite soft set of pajamas from Eberjey always starts Saturday off on the right foot."

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Better Mornings Start Here

But First: Coffee

"Because our three-year-old also doubles as a 'natural' alarm clock, weekend mornings start around 6:30 AM. After cuddling with her in bed, I like to get a cup of really good coffee brewing. Just smelling the coffee helps me wake up."

Brew the Perfect Cup
whip up pancakes in comfy and chic Eberjey pajamas

Whip Up Something Special

"The key to weekend brunch at home is making something delicious—and easy. I usually opt for lemon ricotta pancakes, since they feel special, but come together in minutes."

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Take Your Time

"The best part about weekend mornings is that we rarely have plans till 10 AM, so we can take our time. We like to involve Sloan whenever we can—which helps us bond as a family and make the resulting breakfast feel like a team effort."

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Ready for the Weekend

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