shenanigans candle - $48


You know the feeling. It was going to be low-key, but now it’s sunset, and after a day like that who knows what could happen. Unpredictable and exciting. It’s citrus with a little bold, and then it’s bold and rich. It kind of smells like last minute decisions and late nights with your people. The kind of shenanigans that make you remember how good it feels to be alive.

  • Bold & spicy. Notes of amber, vetiver, moss, peppercorn, mandarin, and pomegranate.
  • 13 oz.
  • Coconut and apricot blend wax
  • No parabens, no phthalates, no cruelty. Just a good vibe.
  • Made in the USA

From the founders of Cancelled Plans, Cheeky embodies the intentions and spirit we aspire for our own everyday. Life is too short to not make every little moment something special. But hey, it’s always more fun to do things with friends, so, we created Cheeky. Read more about the brand here.